“My America IS NOT AS FREE AS I THOUGHT.” W. Hogan

W. Hogan - 01.23.2013

W. Hogan – January 23rd, 2014

I met Mr. Hogan outside my workplace in San Francisco. He was on vacation with his wife from Georgia. We had a brief conversation about his statement, touching upon marijuana use in the United States; and how on one hand it is legal in several places, but many states require you to be a registered user. I have had numerous friends  excited about being able to use marijuana freely without the fear of being charged with a crime. On the contrary an acquaintance of mine was afraid to get a medical marijuana card because she is a teacher and was worried this could affect her employment opportunities.  So how free are we really if the government can track what and how much of a substance we decide to put in our bodies? I am positive marijuana was not the only basis for Mr. Hogan’s statement, but he raises a great point.

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