“My America is IN A STATE OF TRANSFORMATION.” – M. Heyward

M. Heyward - March 12th, 2014

M. Heyward – March 12th, 2014

I met Ms. Heyward at one of the local farmer’s market near Castro street in San Francisco. We probably spoke for over an hour about numerous issues relevant to our country’s current state. An avid reader, Ms. Heyward was very knowledgeable about topics related to technology, religion, and politics. I was embarrassed; I have to admit I had not even heard of half the references she made, but I was so happy to be informed. Ms. Heyward spoke of wide range of things, educating me on mysteries behind the pyramids in Africa and Black Israelites, radioactive materials that infect fish, and even the earthquake in Haiti. By the end of our conversation I walked away with much larger reading and movie lists to catch up on.

One of the motivations for this project was to inform myself about the world around me. The best way to do this is by meeting people and having conversations. Another way to stay informed is to constantly educate oneself. Ms Heyward expressed the importance of reading and also how it is even more important to question the information you are receiving. It is so easy accept what you see, hear and read. One of Ms. Heyward’s most reliable source for information is the Pakalert Press, “… a research project that turned out as one of most popular alternative news publishers over internet providing news and views to public about such current affairs that the main stream media is hesitant to discuss.” Pakalert Press is not the only source she relies on, but it is one of the sources she trusts.
Ms. Heyward discussed power and how scary it can be when it is in the hands of the “wrong” people or not distributed evenly. This is why it is especially important to always question and not readily accept the information you receive. Ms. Heyward loves America and what our country has to offer, but she does live in fear and distrust of what the future may hold.

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